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Civil War era DRESS

A beautiful totally hand sewn dress made of a combination of a fine white striped medium brown silk and light brown polished cotton. The bodice which is fully lined has a jewel neckline and is a small size with a waist measurement of approximately 26 inches. The seam from the neckline to the sleeve is 7 inches and the set in sleeves are nicely piped. The sleeves measures approximately 20 inches in length and are 14 inches wide at the elbow. The sleeve cuffs are trimmed with a wide rust colored silk ribbon. The front of the bodice as well as the back are trimmed with a matching velvet ribbon and dark brown silk fringe. The front closure sports 9 buttons with dark brown crocheted covers. The skirt which is fastened with hooks and eyes has box pleats at the waist. The skirt is made of light brown polished cotton from the waist band to approximately 21 ˝ inches where it continues for another 20 ˝ inches of the medium brown silk. The circumference of the skirt is approximately 110 inches and is bound with a medium brown wool tape. The over skirt is fully lined with polished cotton and is fashioned from medium brown silk with white stripe. It has cartridge pleats in the back and is trimmed along the bottom in a dark brown silk fringe with velvet and silk ribbon. This Civil War period dress is totally original and untouched after decades of attic trunk storage. It remains in exceptional condition as you can see and is solid with only very light staining in the underarm area and the most minor evidence of it’s age and period use. As with all direct sales, we are pleased to offer a no questions asked three day inspection with refund of the purchase price upon return as purchased!   


Refine my stories with your skills to create our Novel

Like Brian Adams said, It was the summer of 69. We were young and restless, we needed to unwind. Those were the days. Anyone who grew up in the 60s knows exactly what I mean. Short shorts. Halter tops, no bras, or panties. No hangups or worries. Free love and rock music were the flags we flew. Hot girls. Hot cars. Hot pants. Hot music and long, long nights with the tin foil pipes and a couple cases of good brew. The Coop was our home. It was our world. Our place to hide out from the local police. If reading this story is one tenth as much fun as it was for me to live it, I promise youll be pissing your pants by the end of chapter one. If the possibility of co-authoring a novel in the tradition of 60s rock and roll sounds like something you could really sink your teeth into, maybe this is your chance. maybe its mine too.Try re-writing a chapter or two of my first run through story. Expand on the scenes. Grow the characters. Add the things that come to your mind as you work on what came from mine. When youre finished, a professional editing company will view the two versions of the same chapter side by side and then give us their honest, strait-forward opinion about how well our two styles blend and whether it is worthwhile for both of us to consider making a commitment to finishing the entire story. The first chapter requires a good faith payment of $500.00. If you opt for a second, that chapters cost drops to $250.00. Choose to continue and youll get the next two chapters for $100.00 each. After that there wont be any doubt whether or not this project is right for you, but even if its not, how much did you spend to attend your latest creative writing classes? This is an experience few have ever had the opportunity to try and who knows where this could lead?    


Fantastic Copper Rooster Weather Vane - Old - Original

On Sale Now... but only for a limited time.PLUS SPECIAL BONUS = FREE SHIPPING within the Continental USA...Outside the USA - 30% off shipping costs.Now here’s a fine looking chicken that even the old Kentucky Colonial would have been proud to call his own. I can easily imagine this high stepping Rooster , strutting his stuff around the hen house, while all the girls sat in their nests looking all dreamy eyed. Ok, maybe it is a bit of a stretch, but you have to admit this is a really great looking old copper weathervane. Yes it has some of the typical problems that go along with its age. The solder joint on the front of his back leg has come apart a bit and his front foot isn’t anchored to the cross bar like it was back in his early days. Even the poor old fellow’s tail feathers are a bit loose for a few inches where they are seamed onto his body, but on the plus side, just look how distinguished he’s gotten with age. Not to mention the deep, rich patina that’s formed as time passed on by. In other words, I wouldn’t think it a wise idea to fasten him high up on a roof somewhere without first having him undergo a bit of repair to his hot tin joints, but if your idea of a new home for our old friend falls along lines of a less demanding lifestyle for this grand old bird, he is plenty tough enough to fill the need. Construction = two heavy sheets of copper, formed and matched into a full bodied, hollow figure of a rooster, hot tin soldered together and mounted on a pipe frame by means of soldering. Measurements = 16 wide by 21 tall by 3 thick where largest.Age = No way to be absolutely certain, but judging by his weight and the aging of the copper, he is likely at least 40 to 50 years old. Perhaps more.    


Large Vintage Polychrome Delft Majolica Ginger Jar Vase

Product Details Item #:5-337-0Dimensions (inches):18.50H x 10W x 10DComment:Beautiful colors and hand-painted details make this piece of vintage Polychrome Delft Majolica the perfect addition to your collection!Origin:HollandDate:1950Material: CERAMICThe word ceramic originates from the ancient Greek word keramikos, meaning potters clay. The practice of making ceramics has been in existence for nearly 30,000 years. Clay, the primary ingredient for any ceramic, is primarily made of aluminum silicate, which is a malleable soil from crumbling rocks. Ceramics can be grouped according to the type of clay used, the temperature at which the clay is fired, and the duration of the firing. Misc:Hand-Painted Condition Condition:VERY GOOD In overall very good condition. Antique and vintage items by their very nature show normal wear to finish and miscellaneous scratches, nicks, and dings due to age and use. As we define very good condition relative to the stated age of the piece, we would expect to see character marks consistent with that age and could include minor nicks or dings to a wooden, metal, enamel or chalkware object, minor wear to a painted surface, minor speckling on a mirror, light crazing, wear to gilding, or small manufacturing glaze skips in ceramic finish, or slight wear to a label. If ceramic/porcelain restoration has been done, it is of museum-quality so that it is hardly discernible and would be specifically mentioned in the listing. Very good condition would not include chips or cracks in any glass or ceramic item, but could include very minor fleabite chips to the edges of a marble item. Item Specifics: Shipping Free Shipping:Free shipping only applies within the Contiguous 48 United States and this item will be shipped via USPS Parcel Post. Shipments may occasionally be upgraded to UPS or FedEx Ground service. All shipments include insurance. Additional Information Mark: Royal Goedewaagen (1779 - today)Founded in Gouda in 1779 as a clay pipe factory, Goedewaagens Pijpen- en Aardewerkfabriek was started by Dirck Goedewaagen and honored by Queen Wilhelmina with the title Royal (Koninklijke) in 1910. Goedewaagen still makes two types of clay pipes to honor its roots, but has been producing decorative art pottery since 1912, including Gouda and Delftware. Goedewaagen became a large producer of blue & white Delftware when it purchased the defunct Zuid-Holland in 1965. Goedewaagen declared bankruptcy in 1982, but was purchased and re-opened in 1983 in Nieuw-Buinen by Jan Kamer under the name Goedewaagen-Gouda B.V. Goedewaagen produces high quality, hand-painted, blue & white, polychrome and Frysia style Delftware and guarantees that its products will never craze. The Goedewaagen hand-painted mark includes a stylized crown and the words Royal Goedewaagen.Reference: Van Hook, Stephen J., Discovering Dutch Delftware: Modern Delft and Makkum Pottery(Alexandria, VA: Glen Park Press, 1998). Style:DELFTWAREThe European craze for blue and white Chinese export porcelain in the 17th century lead to the development of the Dutch East India Company, which imported millions of pieces of Chinese porcelain as well as other Chinese wares. In 1620, the death of Wan-Li (Ming Dynasty) interrupted the flow of goods to Europe. Dutch potters from the city of Delft quickly filled the gap in the market with their own production of blue and white ceramics that duplicated the look of Chinese export porcelain by using the tin-glazing technique learned from the Italians. The Delft potters were the first northerners to imitate the tin-glazed earthenware pottery of Italian majolica, or faience. Production of Delftware proliferated and by 1700 there were more than 30 factories in production of high-quality pieces in the city of Delft. Delftware drew on Chinese designs for inspiration, but also developed European patterns. Decorative plates were made in abundance and featured native Dutch scenes with windmills and fishing boats, hunting scenes, landscapes, seascapes, and scenes of people in daily life. When Chinese exports re-entered the European market by 1685, they came back in color, especially in greens and pinks. This sparked the production of Polychrome Delft, which refers to the use of colors other than blue and white. Besides the popular cobalt blue on a white background, Delft potters had a full color range that consisted of yellow, orange, brown, green, purple, dark red, and black.Despite the huge success of Delftware manufacturers, the market for Delftware eroded through the 18th century until eventually only one factory in Delft remained in existence. Joost Thooft bought the last remaining Delftware factory, De Porceleyne Fles, in 1876. Since that time, over one hundred potteries have come back into existence producing what is known as modern Delftware, which no longer uses the tin glazing method of majolica.In the period from 1876 to 1940, many high-quality, beautiful pieces of Delftware were produced. The transfer printing process was also brought back at this time. After World War II, tourism began to play a larger role in the Dutch economy. More Delftware companies opened in the 1950s to 1970s, specializing in pieces made for the tourist trade. Delftware has been produced in Holland, Belgium, Germany, England, Japan, and the US, and is still in production today. Object:Ginger Jar   


Vintage Tobacco Tins and Wood Rack

tins Vintage wood rack with vintage tobacco tins. 7 items, one price. First is a neat vintage wood rack that you can use to display whatever you like, plus 6 vintage tobacco tins and snuff jars! 1] Awesome Camel Cigarette tin, good vintage condition; 2] Revelation Tobacco tin, good v. condition; 3] Murrays Erinmore Flake tobacco tin, good v. condition; 4] Velvet tobacco tin, good v. condition; 5] American Snuff tin; 6] Bruton Scotch Snuff tin. Rack is free-standing or can be hung and is 10 tall x 19 wide. The rack will fit into a bookcase, on a shelf, or atop a table. Great old tins to start your collection!   


Buckingham Tobacco Vertical Pocket Tin

Buckingham Bright Cut Plug Smoking Tobacco Tin was produced by the John Bagley & Co The American Tobacco Co Successor Mfr. The tin is 4 1/2" x 3" x1". The empty tin is a clean example of the Buckingham colorful advertising artwork. Aside from a couple of small dings this tin is in very good condition.    


Big Ben Tobacco Vertical Pocket Tin

Big Ben Tobacco Vertical Pocket Tin is another example of beautiful advertising art featuring horses and landscapes all in bright bold colors. This tin is in overall good condition. There is a little paint loss on the back Big Ben name. The tin displays well. This is a must have for every tin or tobacco collection.   


Meerschaum Tobacco Tin Box

Beautiful antique Tin Box - Meerschaum Cut Plug, An absolutely pure tobacco, Trade mark is baseball hat, This tin it appears to contained chewing tobacco, Condition is is just fine considering age, some colour loss, fine scratches and minimal dents, as per images, In original condition, it has not been cleaned, Measuring approximately 3 inches high, 5 inches across and 3 1/2 inches deep.   


QUEED Pipe Cigarette Tobacco Pocket Tin Patterson Bros

QUEED Pipe Cigarette Tobacco Pocket Tin Patterson Bros. Unusual - harder to find vintage tobacco tin from the Patterson Brothers Tobacco Company of Richmond Virginia. Part of the seal is still on top and sides - although it isnt in great condition. The tin has some minor light dents - a little surface rust - scratches and is faded. The front says: Luxurious Quality - Queed - Yours Truly, Patterson Bros. Tobacco Company, Richmond, VA. The back Says: Ready Cut for Pipe and Cigarette, It tells about the contents. There is a Tobacco Workers International Union Made sticker on the bottom. Great addition to a Tobacciana or Tin collection!   


Early Cinco Tobacco Humidor Tin

Early Cinco Tobacco Humidor Tin. Im guessing dates around the 1930s to 40s. Manufacturers are Otto, Eisenlohr & Bros., Philadelphia. Tin came from Factory No. 1730 1st District Pennsylvania. As shown in the photos Tin does have some wear including a few rust spots to the top. Inside lid has a paper label. There is also a few tax labels left on the outside. Bottom of the Tin has some punctured holes and a slight indentation. Tin would make nice addition to your vintage Tobacco collection. Buyer to pay shipping.   


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